Two Year Headache – Finally Getting Some Relief

So, I am not sure if you remember or know about my story from two years ago when my home was broken into. We did figure out who it was and the boys admitted to doing it. Yes, it was two boys that were supposed friends of my son at the time.  For a refresher, they came into my home one evening in November of 2011 while we were away. They truly made themselves at home, and even thinking about it now, it is unsettling.  The thought of someone enjoying the comforts of your home when you are not there.  They made pizza, played video games, shot my son’s bb gun at full cans of pop, which obviously got pop all over and even shot bb’s at my bottles of food. We found bb holes in our ranch bottle and others as well.  They set a pop bottle on fire and burned part of my couch as well as part of my carpet. They went through my stuff as well as my childrens’ and also shot at the window of one of our cars, which got a bb hole in it. They also admitted to stealing $400 out of our safe about a month before this break-in. And, how did they get in? They took my son’s house key and made a copy of it then brought his key back. Wonderful “friends” huh?
So, why was this a two year headache? Well, after reporting all of this, finding the culprits and everything, the headache began. I called every so often to our county attorney to find out any update of what we can do to get the money back as well as something for everything they damaged in my home.  I left messages and several phone numbers for them to get ahold of my – my house, cell and even work number. I never got a return call from this attorney. I began to call more frequently and still nothing. The attorney’s assistant really felt bad because she was never given any information to pass on to me and she really wished she could make the attorney call me back.  
Well, had I known then what I know now, no wonder she didn’t wan to talk to me, I would have totally come unglued. But, I will get to that. 

Finally! After two years, I get a call, not from the attorney, but her assistant and am told they have forwarded our case on to the Social Services. And, they were wonderful. Within 2 months we now have a payment plan set up for them to pay us back. But, here is the kicker, I now find out the juvenile courts were not even going to pursue this. They were going to drop everything and not even prosecute the juveniles for anything they did! That, I am guess, why the attorney never wanted to call me back! And, I am sure without my persistant calling, nothing would have been done!! Seriously! We need to hold our kids accountable for their actions, because then, they would think they can get away with anything.  I am upset because we will not get paid for everything damaged, the total damage and money stolen was $3250 – they only agreed to pay me $2400. I know it is better than nothing and I am thankful they agreed to pay anything at all. I am told, since the courts were going to dismiss this, they could have gotten away with paying me nothing. Sad, isn’t it?  I really hope the parents make these boys work and pay it themselves and not just send the money for them. I anted them to do community service, but they said no. Nothing I could do. I do feel cheated by the courts.

I really hope these boys have learned their lesson and will not do this to anyone again. And, I am glad this is finally coming to an end.  They have a payment plan for over the next year to pay us, through the Social Services office.  It will go back to our kids and to repair some of the damage they did.  So, it is almost over!!

New adventure: Find out what the cops did with my son’s bb gun and my cash box and get it back. We have asked for those back as well and getting nothing. The cop took them for evidence and fingerprints. Have yet to get them back.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Heather! says:

    Oh my gosh, I DO remember when that happened! Wow…how disgraceful it is that the case was handled (or not handled) as it was. That really, really sucks. But at least you will be getting some retribution, and it probably eases your mind to know what happened and who it was, huh? I think that would be a huge relief for me. So sorry you guys have had to go through this. Let’s hope it will all truly be over soon!

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